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2023 School Committee Race: 3 candidates, and only 2 seats.

By : Anita Liberty

Belmont, MA- On April 4th, voters will decide on a multitude of local issues; the proposed municipal rink, an appointed town treasurer, and town meeting members from all precincts. Also on the ballot is the culmination of the school committee race after members Kate Bowen and Mike Crowley announced they would not be running for reelection.

This school committee election is expected to be more competitive than years prior with three candidates in the running and only two seats available. Rachel Watson, Amy Zuccarello, and Jung Yueh are all first-time aspirants for town office. Mr. Yueh and Ms. Watson are also on the ballot as town meeting members in their respective precincts, 3 and 4.

Rachel Watson boasts an impressive career as a Human Resources Administrator and attorney. She is additionally co-chair of the Belmont Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and is a strong voice for parent involvement in the community. Watson believes that the new 7-12 building will provide greater space for special education programs and prove more economic in the long term. To the left is a recent video of Rachel Watson explaining why she is running for school committee, and what she likes about the Belmont schools.

Amy Zuccarello For Belmont School Committee Yard Sign

Amy Zuccarello is a partner at local firm Sullivan & Worcester and active in Belmont with Parents of Music Students (POMS). A lifelong resident of Belmont and a mom in the community, she describes herself as “deeply invested” in the future strength of public education. Zuccarello believes her background as a financial restructuring lawyer will help her in managing the town’s fiscal crisis and reduce budget cuts.

Jung Yueh For Belmont School Committee Yard Sign

Jung Yueh is the Director of Client Services for a small software developer in the Greater Boston area. Boosting work experience as an actuary and financial analyst, Yueh believes he has the skills to navigate the town’s long-term budget planning. He describes himself as a “trained mediator” who can bring together a variety of diverse voices. As a first-generation immigrant, Yueh is a strong advocate for education

providing opportunities for all students.

The decision of not just one but two school committee members who each will serve 3-year terms will have powerful impacts on the town in the future.

Seniors of Belmont High School, I urge you to vote on April 4th. School committee candidates will enter in the middle of a budget crisis after a proposed override failed in 2021. Candidates will face possible staff and programming cuts that will directly impact the student population in the coming years. The issues on the ballot may seem far away but the decisions will have a considerable impact on the next generation of BHS students.


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