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By : Rachel Li

As many BHS students know, there’s a new boba place that opened at Belmont Center, called CoCo. CoCo offers different boba options, including caramel milk tea, matcha, and different fruit teas. Seconds after you walk in, the person behind the counter instantly recites a well-rehearsed speech, asking you about your order: what flavor, sugar levels, and ice levels. Many students eagerly paid a visit to CoCo when it had an opening sale in March. Most students were ecstatic about finally having a boba place in the town center. However, after paying a visit to CoCo, some students were complaining to their friends about how bad CoCo boba was, especially about how the pearls are hard. While CoCo boba is not the best boba I’ve ever had in my life and I agree that the pearls are hard to chew, I do appreciate the different types of options that they have. Personally, I enjoy the matcha with boba. Having Coco at the center is better than nothing; from BHS, other boba places are within driving distance away. However, CoCo is only about a 5 to 10-minute walk from our school. After a long stressful day, only having to walk about 5-10 minutes to get boba is an instant refresher and serotonin booster.


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