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BHS Volleyball '23 Season

By: Dasha Leshchiner

The 2023 volleyball season came to an end a few weeks ago. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s season:

First and foremost, our team won first place in the Middlesex League, making this year the first year a BHS volleyball team has ever placed first in the Middlesex League! Super exciting! The team is very eager to finally have a banner of their own in the fieldhouse and overall is thrilled for having secured such a big win for the school. The team went into playoffs with their heads held high, confident in their abilities, however, in an unfortunate turn of events the team lost their first playoff game. It was an unlucky loss and cut the season shorter than expected. However, overall, their season has been very successful with countless big victories against other powerful teams in their league.

Some of the team's biggest victories this year were their two games against Winchester. Winchester, a school with notoriously powerful sports teams, lost to Belmont in both of their games against us. In their first game against Belmont, on September 19, Winchester was defeated 3-1 (3 sets won by Belmont and only one set won by Winchester). During this game, varsity setter Sophia Qin and varsity hitter Isabella Radojevic won records for most assists and most kills in a Belmont game ever. Following Wincester’s first defeat, Winchester faced Belmont a second time, on October 12. For this second game, Winchester seemed to come with hopes of revenge against Belmont and they put up a stronger fight this time. However, they still lost 3-2 (3 sets for Belmont, 2 for Winchester) in a very tight 5th set, leading Belmont to another rewarding victory against Winchester.

To wrap up the successful 2023 season the whole BHS volleyball program collaborated in hosting a memorable Senior Night for the senior players of the team. The Senior Night was beach-themed, and the decoration involved blow-up palm trees, a blow-up parrot, beach-themed banners, flower necklaces, and endless amounts of balloons. The night consisted of lots of heartfelt goodbyes for the seniors from their underclassmen teammates and a triumphant 3-0 win against Wayland High School.

To say that all 3 BHS volleyball teams (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) have had an amazing season is truly an understatement. The season has been filled with fun and victory and it can be confidently said that the volleyball players at BHS are sad to have the season come to an end.

Image courtesy of BHS Girls' Volleyball.


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