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Change for Children

By The Belmont High School UNICEF Club :

Did you know the average American has $113 worth of spare change lying around their house? Last year, Belmont families helped us raise $2000 with said spare change. Thanks to your efforts, UNICEF was able to support children worldwide in healthcare and immunization efforts- issues that are especially pressing during this period of time.

To continue our efforts this year, UNICEF is running both an online fundraiser and an in-person coin collecting campaign in partnership with the Belmont elementary schools, from January 10th to the 17th. The online fundraiser can be accessed through the QR code below, and through this link:

While the in-person coin collection sites will be at ALL 4 elementary schools. With the new year, we hope to build a better future for children, one coin at a time.

What is UNICEF?

UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund, is an organization that works in more than 190 countries around the world to help children by providing basic services like health care, education, food, water, protection, and more.

Why are we collecting money?

All of the money raised by the Belmont community will directly assist global health care for children in need, around the world. Your participation allows UNICEF to continue bringing aid to families, from delivering safe water and emergency nutrition in the Horn of Africa to rushing warm clothes this winter to families in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Recently, UNICEF has been assisting the children of Ukraine by providing education, medicine, and mental health support.

Change For Children Online Fundraiser, January 10th-17th
Flyer by The BHS UNICEF club


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