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Class of 2023 Graduation

By: Helena De Figueiredo Valente

Braving the cold and drizzly weather, Belmont High School’s senior class of 2023 graduated this Saturday, June 3.

Students entered Harris Field in their maroon caps and gowns to the music of the BHS Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Belmont superintendent of schools Mr. John Phlelan, school committee members, and principal Mr. Isaac Taylor congratulated the students from a stage set up on one side of the field. Family and friends watched and took adoring photos from chairs on the field and from the bleachers. The BHS Chamber Singers opened with the National Anthem.

Next, speeches were given, all inspiring in different ways. Principal Taylor gave an unorthodox speech about today’s changing world, hoping that our generation would use technological advancements to further humanity.

Class president Nicky Mosharaf reminded us all that making good decisions is about having joy and energy instead of stressing. Through anecdotes of her mother achieving her master’s degree while raising three young children and Nicky’s own gymnastics lessons, she showed us that giving up to try a new strategy can be just as valid as persevering towards a goal.

The School Committee award was presented to two outstanding students, both of whom excelled in school and did extensive volunteer work tutoring in all subjects but most of all in STEM. The first recipient, Leo Sun, got us all reminiscing with his speech about the childhood memories graduates are leaving behind and the new memories they will soon make. The second recipient, Anna Lehman, laughed with us about her family’s adventures as immigrants and her future travels to colleges in other countries. She assured us that through the coming changes and challenges, we would succeed.

Chamber Singers sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” and then the seniors lined up and walked onto stage one by one to receive their diplomas. Each student was cheered on and was photographed shaking principal Taylor’s hand. Finally, the graduates threw up their hats to celebrate the success of their high school career and the future’s possibilities.

Image courtesy of Helena De Figueiredo Valente.


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