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Community Garden

By: Anita Liberty

The Native Plant Garden, a multi-year project initiated by members of the Climate Action Club (CAC), recently broke ground near the Clay Pit Pond and the A-wing staircase. This ambitious project is years in the making, originally proposed by the senior class of 2021. It had to go through multiple administrative and fundraising efforts to come to fruition. Today, the garden is representative of the hard work of the many students who aided in its creation over the last three years.

In March of 2022, the CAC hosted the Native Garden Concert at BHS to raise funds for the purchasing of plants and equipment for the garden. The concert was a huge success, allowing the CAC to move forward with their plans to gain administrative support. This school year, Superintendent Phelan gave his permission for the garden to be planted on school grounds.

When deciding on the type of plants for the garden, The Climate Action Club wanted to ensure that the garden would be in harmony with local ecosystems. To do this, they worked closely with Jean Devine, an environmental educator and specialty landscaper. Devine oversaw the planting of flowers such as Golden Alexander and Milkweed, designed to restore biodiversity and attract pollinators. By doing so the garden provides a safe home for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds.

The CAC would like to extend its gratitude to Ms. Devine for her work on the design and maintenance plan for the future, as well as offering her expertise in sustainability and knowledge of local flora. Additionally, the CAC would like to thank David Blazon, Belmont’s Director of Facilities, for his work in connecting the garden to the school’s irrigation system to ensure the garden continues to thrive for many years to come.

However, the work of the CAC and the community garden are far from done. Over the summer, garden maintenance will operate on a weekly volunteer basis. In the fall, a second round of planting is scheduled to begin in collaboration with the new Garden Club at BHS. Ms. Devine is working to choose plants that can not only survive Belmont’s cold winters and hot summers but also work in harmony with other local plants.

Additionally, next year the CAC plans to expand and create an offshoot Garden Club for the care and maintenance of the community garden. Students who participate in the club will receive ½ an hour of community service weekly for their time.

All students are encouraged to get involved with the Native Plant Garden. Individuals interested in participating can join the Garden Club or the Climate Action Club in the fall, keep an eye out for newsletters from Mr. Taylor about developments, or reach out directly at By ensuring that the garden continues for many years to come, Belmont is taking a critical step towards sustainability and community.

Image courtesy of Anita Liberty.


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