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Cultural Exposition Day

By: Layla Khuri-Nasrallah

During Thanksgiving week, Belmont High School was exposed to a wave of different traditions and ethnic values during the annual Cultural Exposition Day. This was a great way to learn more about our peers and their backgrounds while also indulging in snacks from all around the world! 

The schedule for this occasion was organized into three different events, one of which was reading Native American poetry. Although some may be uninterested in poetry, for others it was interesting to learn about these poets' backgrounds and life experiences that maybe even some of us were able to relate or connect to. 

The second event was fun in-class activities. Although each class may have played a little differently, for the most part, peers worked together in finding answers/clues to different riddles and played games that the head staff organized.

The third event was certainly the most memorable to many: the food and culture fair! The cafeteria was decked out with dozens of tables and multiple flags from all around the globe. Different songs and languages circulated throughout the room, adding on to the excited buzz. Students happily walked around, filling their plates with an assortment of different snacks while learning something new about each country. Eda Galvez, a sophomore who represented Turkey, reports: “I really like Cultural Exposition Day because I get to share my culture with people and meet others who might have things in common with me; I am able to create a community across -grades. To me, it’s a time when the student body is thrust into cultures they otherwise might not have encountered, and for that, I think it’s a very educational experience.” Each stand had something unique and different to offer, which is another reason why it was special to many. It's no wonder why the food and culture fair was such a big hit this year! 

Cultural Exposition Day was a great way to kick off the start to Quarter 2 and Thanksgiving break. It was a fun and enjoyable experience for many BHS students, and we can’t wait to enjoy it again next year!

Photo courtesy of Layla Khuri-Nasrallah.


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