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Feeling Overwhelmed?

By : Rachel Li

There are dozens of assignments on Classroom, clubs to run, and other extracurriculars to take care of. You have to make time for friends and family too, but there’s only so little time. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives, if not right now.

As the school year goes on, the feelings of lightheadedness after getting only a few hours of sleep, your heart racing, and constant pressure squeezing your head become increasingly apparent. You wonder, “When will all of this end?”. Everything seems to be piling up, and this cycle seems to be never-ending.

This is a challenging time, but stay strong. Don’t give up. Be nice to yourself. When you have some spare time, do something for yourself! Do something you love and that brings you joy. You’re dealing with a lot already. Just take it day by day. Everything will work out in the end, I promise.


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