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Letter to the Editor: In Support of Jeff Lasseter

Photo: A lawn sign for Jeff Lasseter ("Jeff for Belmont" Facebook page)

Dear Editor,

Although I’m too young to vote, I want to express my support for Jeff Lasseter, who is running for Belmont Select Board. I’ve met Jeff and was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his commitment to the town, and how he listens to residents and thinks about their input before reaching decisions and taking action. I appreciate how Jeff hired young Belmont residents to work in his restaurant, and his involvement in the community through sponsoring fundraisers.

In his many years in federal government, Jeff acquired real life experience balancing the books, often needing to “do more with less.” We need to run the town like a business, holding everyone involved with the town’s finances accountable.

Jeff sincerely relates to parents, seniors, business owners and anyone invested in improving our town for all! Jeff’s ability to relate to all constituents and respect their concerns is a welcome change to the status quo in Belmont!

— Antonio Molle (Belmont resident)


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