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Review of the New Bakehouse in Belmont Center: Butternut

By: Katarina Maldarelli and Chaivin Moon

The long-awaited bakery, Butternut, recently opened in Belmont Center. The bakehouse offers a wide variety of food, drinks, and seating, where you can spend time with friends, family, or simply enjoy the ambience alone. Eager to try the anticipated bakehouse, we visited Butternut ourselves. There, we were able to try it firsthand, as well as interview other customers. We wrote this article based on our experiences and observations to give our insights on Butternut. 

As we entered the bakehouse, we were greeted with a display filled with a variety of baked goods, as well as an extensive menu placed on the top of the counter in front of the cashier. The inside and outside of the bakery were very nicely decorated, adding a homey, calming feel to the atmosphere. We immediately noticed how spacious the interior was, filled with multiple tables, ranging from small to large. We also appreciated how there was a station on the side of the bakehouse, where customers could get water, napkins, and any other utensils that they might need. After taking a look around and reading over the menu, we decided to try some of the baked goods. Overwhelmed by the large selection on display, we asked the cashier for recommendations. This friendly staff member recommended two of the pastry items, clearly showing that they had familiarized themself with the menu. It’s easy to say that the customer at Butternut was excellent. The overall energy of the bakehouse is lively and we felt very welcomed by its customers, staff, and of course, its food. 

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere and the wonderful customer service, we noticed that the price of the baked goods was very similar, if not cheaper, in consideration to other bakeries, especially considering the popular location. Most of the baked goods were around $5, which is similar to some other cafes nearby, such as Tatte, while the sandwiches and other lunch/breakfast items cost around $10. Compared to the Bellmont Cafe across the street, Butternut’s prices are slightly lower, so that might be something to take into consideration if you’re looking to save a dollar or two. Although Butternut offers similar prices to some other well-known bakeries, it has the advantage of being located in a very convenient and bustling spot, Belmont Center, popularly visited by Belmont Middle and High students, due to close proximity to the school. The quality and effort put into all the food sold at Butternut, in addition to the reasonable prices, are definitely a reason to visit!

Based on the staff recommendation, we ended up getting a morning bun and a slice of apple bread. In addition to the great customer service, all the items we ordered were served to us very quickly. As we went to sit down, we noticed that the interior of Butternut was kept very clean and sanitary, and we had many options of where to sit because of the wide variety of tables. Both pastries looked very delicious, and after trying them, they turned out to be just as good as they appeared. Both the apple bread and morning bun were very soft, high quality, and fresh, which showed us that Butternut lived up to their dedication of “making fresh pastries daily.” As we continued eating, we decided to look over the menu again and noticed that they were very allergy friendly. Their menu offers inclusive meals and pastries that cater to dietary restrictions for those who are gluten free or have other allergies. In addition, on their website, you can see all the ingredients used to make every pastry they offer, which can also  help people with dietary restrictions to see if they can eat a certain baked good or not. Altogether, Butternut very clearly cares about the quality of all their items and the inclusivity of their menu!

Despite the fact that Butternut has recently opened, it is already clearly very popular, and for a good reason. Based on the environment, customer service, quality of the food, price, convenience of the location, and inclusivity of the menu, we highly recommend Butternut! It is a great spot for anyone who wants a high-quality snack or meal, and/or for those who want to sit down and enjoy their time. We look forward to seeing Butternut grow in Belmont Center as more and more people try and love it!

Image courtesy of Katarina Maldarelli and Chaivin Moon.


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