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Senior Elections

By: Nina Jasanoff

In the senior student elections, running for president were Tomas Estrada Donahue and Bella Brody Magid, with the former as the incumbent having been junior class president. Both emphasized school events, increasing the number and quality of homecoming and the prom. Bella also emphasized openness in administration and how she aimed to reinforce the connection between the students and adults in charge.

Other notable candidates included Brendan Barry, Jed Fremont-Smith, and Kate Anderson-Strain. The first gave a Citizen Kane like speech, with the crowd forcing him to stop intermittently with their clapping and cheering, and discussed pertinent issues relating to school spirit, school events, and his previously successful plan to increase student participation in both administration and education at the school. Relatedly, Kate discussed her experiences with serving others through public service and her dedication to education and commitment to helping people. On a lighter note, Jed opened with a quip about how most of the 12th grade ‘had likely been to his house’ as a hypothetical reason for electing him. He, like others, promised to increase the number of student events, especially those for seniors.

The candidates for treasurer, co-treasurer and class historian ran unopposed; Said Isazada, Shri Sokka, and Gavin Tieken respectively.

The winners were as follows:

  • Tomas Estrada Donahue—President

  • Brendan Barry—Vice President

  • Jed Freemont-Smith—Secretary

  • Said Isazada—Treasurer

  • Shri Sokka—Co-Treasurer

  • Gavin Tieken—Class Historian

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