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"Something Rotten" Musical

By: Anita Liberty

Last weekend, the Performing Arts Company (PAC) at Belmont High School put on a fantastic performance of the 2015 original musical “Something Rotten." The show featured four showings, commencing with opening night on Thursday, followed by an evening performance on Friday, and culminating in a double feature matinee and evening show on Saturday. The exceptional quality of the show was a testament to the dedication of staff and students over the past four months. 

In addition to the 60+ member cast, the performance showcased the work of dozens more behind the scenes. The PAC includes five tech crews —set, lighting, sound, costumes, and props—which are largely student-led. Each crew has a student “crew chief” who oversees the work assigned and keeps the crew on schedule leading up to tech week. Without the hard work of these crews, it would be impossible to put on such technologically impressive shows. 

Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, the musical accompaniment for the show was provided by the BHS Pit Band, a primarily student-led music ensemble. Members of the group expressed their enthusiasm to be back in the auditorium, reflecting on the program's growth since last year's "Mean Girls."

It was a very emotional week, especially for graduating seniors. Following the final performance, students gathered to hear the annual senior speeches at the cast party. Seniors spoke highly of the friendships and invaluable experiences the PAC has brought them. For many of them, this would be their final performance, a thought that invoked both tears and gratitude. 

Last Sunday, students involved in the production worked for over four hours to dismantle the set, pack up costumes and props, and store tech equipment to be used next year. People there laughed and reminisced about the production and said their goodbyes to “Something Rotten” for the last time.

As a member of both the cast and crew, I strongly recommend the PAC to any interested students. Getting outside of your comfort zone and doing activities that you wouldn’t think to do is an invaluable experience. No matter how you are involved in the production, seeing a show come together, from auditions to opening night, is very rewarding. Throughout the entire rehearsal process I felt like I had a family within the PAC, a family that will continue long after the curtain closes.

Those interested can look forward to One Acts, the PAC’s spring performance of student-directed short plays. Performances will be in May. More information to come soon.

Image courtesy of Belmont High School.


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