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The ups and downs of the latest Belmont basketball games

By Tara Powell :

From Left to Right Tori Nilsen, Kaia Sheehey, Maggie Healey, Sophie McDevitt, and Kiley Meringer
Senior Members of the BHS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team

TUESDAY, 1/31:

It’s the 12th game of the season and the team is stressed. Until now, Belmont has been cutting it close with a 6-5 total score. Tonight is the night they face Winchester, the force to be reckoned with for the entire league. Their opposition has won over two-thirds of their games and the stakes are high.

Though a tense game, Belmont perseveres all through the third quarter, tailing Winchester closely in the first half. Baskets were chimed in by all, and majestic three-pointers from both teams kept the crowd in anticipation. Belmont is close as the third quarter hit, but the team is losing speed, they are clearly getting tired. The team gained only in exhaust, and at the end of the fourth quarter, it was clear, Belmont lost: 50-33 to Winchester.

Despite the loss, senior night is closely approaching and the stakes are high for Belmont, who are currently tied 6-6 in the league.

This game was reminiscent of a prior one, against Lexington. The game being on a Friday night kept things exciting, with family and fans bustling to see the rivals face off. By the first quarter, a crowd formed at the bottom of the bleachers, and the seats were packed.

Just by the first half, the two teams were playing dirty. The nemeses often were fouled for tripping and pushing. Things escalated further as the clock ticked quarter by quarter, and the scores were nearly perfectly matched up until the final minutes.

As the final quarter progressed, the timer was stopped nearly every minute by yet another foul or a time-out. Lexington was just barely ahead, but Belmont was not giving up. Belmont was not going to let the rivals of their league defeat them at home.

In the last minute of the game, Belmont scored 5 points ahead of Lexington, defeating them in a dramatic close of 70-65. It was an extraordinary game and everyone -- the crowd, the cheerleaders, even the girls' basketball team was enthusiastic about the Marauder’s win.


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