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TV Review: Battlestar Galactica

By James Sandler :

Quick Facts:

Show summary: Humanity must find the fabled and mythical planet Earth to serve as their new home as they run away from their robotic children.

Production date: 2004–2009

Number of seasons: 4, alongside a miniseries and 3 movies.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Number of episodes: 76

Creator: Ronald D. Moore

Stars: Mary McDonnel, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos

Favorite three characters: Laura Roslin, Six, and Bill Adama


I knew nothing about this show before watching it except for the fact that it was one of those “robots rising against their creators” stories. But as I spent one month watching all four seasons, I came to the conclusion that this show is one of the best I have ever seen. Characters are interesting and fully developed by the end with meaningful relationships. Lore is thought provoking; world building is so good you can imagine yourself in the story; action is so tense that you feel as if all the characters are at real risk of dying. The story is memorable and deserves every payoff it sets up. It has a powerful ending, so much so I almost teared up. It is about a Battlestar called The Galactica that has to lead a fleet to the thirteenth colony, called Earth, where humanity would be saved from the Cylons. The characters on board the Galactica must do everything in their power to protect the remaining ships of humanity from the Cylons, from both their basestars and their infiltrators. Drama stirs up, secrets about their past are revealed. Can they find the help they need? Also, the show has a great soundtrack, with innovative uses of Hindu and Celtic music throughout.

This is one of the only reboots I've ever seen that I consider to be better written than the original show.

Its characters are much more flawed than their original iterations, and the show’s tone is very morally gray in comparison to the childish, one-liner quippiness of its ancestor. Better yet, people who watched the first show disliked how it was too similar to the Star Wars movies, but the rebooted BSG’s new art design, religion, and realistic look separates itself from other sci-fi shows. It also has a lot of commentary on modern issues. For example, at the start of the third season, Battlestar Galactica subtly comments on the American occupation in Middle Eastern countries during the War on Terror. It also shows how monotheistic religions replace polytheistic religions throughout history.


CGI. Though the practical effects are top notch, the sets are amazing, and the special effect designs are recognizable and great, the CGI is very fake. When you see an actress next to a Cylon, you can tell that the Cylon is CGI. Another bad thing is that some of the characters, such as Lee Adama, are badly written. I know, it’s funny how the son of one of the well written characters is bad! Subjectively, I dislike how his role flip-flops from pilot to marine to commander to pilot to president to marine.

Overall Conclusion:

A must-watch! You will not regret checking out Battlestar Galactica!


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