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Interview with Mark Guzelian, the Junior Class President

By: Maha Haider

I had the pleasure to meet with Mark Guzelian, the class of 2025’s student body president. Not only is Mark the junior class president, but he is also the co-president of the student senate, co-chair of the Student Advisory Council to the School Committee, and a member of the Belmont High School council. Mark definitely has his hands full this year. When he’s not at school or trailing around the main office, he stays busy with marching band practices, planning and organizing school events, and, of course, keeping up with his favorite NBA team, the Boston Celtics.

When I asked Mark about what motivated him to run for president this year, he said that he was hoping for a more hands-on role, and something that would allow him the availability to connect more with the junior class. A goal he has is to build up school, which he has already increased through his weekly Friday morning announcements, promoting students to show up at sporting games and other school events. Another goal Mark has for this year is to open the doors to the school earlier, since as of right now, the doors are locked until 7:15 am, so students who take the bus have to wait outside in the freezing temperatures we are now approaching.

Homecoming was the first event as president for Mark, and he said, “Credit to Daniel and Bethany, the presidents before me, because it is a lot more work than I thought it would be.” However, he pulled through, and with the help of the class of 2024 and other class of 2025 officers, he was able to pull off a successful dance. Since Mark is all for school spirit, he said that his favorite part of the night was the boys’ soccer team arriving after their big playoff win against Natick.

On a more personal note, Mark has many people he looks up to and people who serve as role models, including his grandfather. The teachers who have had the biggest influence on him are Mr. Moresco, Mr. A, and Ms. White.

It is always a great time with Mark. Congratulations on your presidency and good luck with the rest of the school year!

Image courtesy of Maha Haider.


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