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Principal Taylor's Thoughts on the School Year So Far

"Even with the new Belmont Middle and High School, there is less of a transition than when we opened up two years ago,” says Principal Taylor. The current building is bright and open, with sunlight coming in during the winter and flexible seating for students during frees. Principal Taylor is looking forward to more opportunities for students, like a student-designed mural and mentoring the middle school students to prepare them for high school. The athletic banners will be coming back in the Field House, which will be up later this year - making the building more BHS instead of just being a generic building. He’s excited about the energy from the student government this year. In particular, the senior class officers have a goal of developing a consistent process for student feedback to be connected to the administration team and leave behind a legacy where there’s a more formal meeting schedule between students and the admin team to work through student ideas.

Getting all of the students through has been a challenge for the administration team, especially Wednesday’s long lunch lines, but they are appreciative of everyone’s patience. The administration team, along with many students, are still adjusting to the new Belmont Middle and High School building and getting to terms with having another school in the same building! BHS students can look forward to Homecoming this fall, a tradition that started since the pandemic, the Lip Dub (which has been moved to the fall this year) and the Pep Rally! In addition, the administration team will be doing something new this year: Mark G., the junior class president, will be reading off Friday night events over the morning announcements, which will include athletic and PAC weekend events. This will be a great way to keep up school spirit and update students on what’s going on with the athletic and art departments.

A piece of advice that Principal Taylor has for BHS students is: “Be yourself as much as you can and let others see the real you. When you’re stressed, it can be difficult to gain perspective. Take some time to just be in the moment. Find a way to pull yourself out of your worries, even for just a few minutes here and there.”

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