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How Well Do You Know the Sophomore Class President?

By Maha Haider and Madeline Eason :

Sophomore class president Michael Voigt
Sophomore class president Michael Voigt

This week we were able to meet with Michael Voigt, the sophomore class president! When we asked Michael what made him want to run for class office, he said that he has always enjoyed being in positions of leadership, and leading projects.

Although we already love our school community, the student government exists in order to make it an even better place. As sophomore class president, Michael hopes to encourage more community events like the community day that we had a few weeks ago. He knows that it wasn’t as well received as the student government had hoped it would be, so he is currently working on a way to improve that!

Michael’s current favorite class at the high school is math, and he wants to shout out Mr. DeLorio! When Michael is not in school, he enjoys playing tennis, which he has played since he was a kid. He is looking forward to trying out for the BHS tennis team.

Michael said that his spirit animal was a guinea pig. Can you see that? One person to whom Michael looks up is his dad, who is a dynamics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Coincidentally, the parents of both of this article’s authors have also worked at MIT!) Michael hopes to attend MIT one day, as he is interested in the field of engineering.

Finally, we asked Michael about his proudest accomplishment in his position as class president this year. He cited the effort that he put in to create a school dance for the underclassmen. It had a big turnout, and from what we’ve heard, many students loved it.

Great job, Michael, and thank you for everything you do for the sophomore class!

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